The stone circle represents the place we hold for our creativity. It is something to be discovered within and created around us. It is a boundary against distraction and evocative of the most sacred space that sustains us.

Recorded Reflections

Contemplating the mysterious in the every day.

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My reflections on living the creative life. Read more by following the link below.

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Songwriting by Carmelle Minor-Callow

Sharing Creative Work

Singer songwriter Linda Waterfall’s voice reached listeners sometimes quavering, never flawless, always perfectly.  What touched and inspired me the most about her voice, her music, is the example of vulnerability.  Part of what makes her music enduring and endearing is the intimacy with which she shares herself.  Gifted she was, and those gifts she shared.

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Stone Circle Studio - Between the Sun and the Moon

Between the Sun and the Moon

As the darkness weights the scales of time in her favor I feel the balance within me shift. That which I think of as the sun parts, all that is forward and surface, logical and logistical, social and appropriate settles in for the long winter as my moon aspects overtake me. My moon qualities are

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