Between the Sun and the Moon

Stone Circle Studio

As the darkness weights the scales of time in her favor I feel the balance within me shift. That which I think of as the sun parts, all that is forward and surface, logical and logistical, social and appropriate settles in for the long winter as my moon aspects overtake me. My moon qualities are an entity of drastic harshness and complete intolerance for the disingenuous. She holds of a vessel of wisdom and an unyielding mirror. Her purpose is to move me toward essence and creativity. When I receive her she obliterates and heals me, to resist her is to deny the movement of creation.

She is without fear or shame. Even as she threatens my stability and sensibility, I realize her motivations are more pure than those of the sun. She is without contrived considerations. She respects the absolute autonomy of self and other while observing the push and pull of relationship with clarity. Lingering in dichotomy she shows me her different way of loving. Her love is timelessness. It is not only the way we change each other but the transformation itself even as it has been perfected. She shows me the pointlessness of the movement of the unspoken from this lifetime to the next and rejects all that is not truth.

The magnitude of her desire overwhelms and wakes me, sending me out into the night to walk in the world of mist and moon where earth and sky dissolve into each other. My feet vanish as do the barriers between conscious and subconscious. My spirit once again is a flight. I am a dreamer completely, waking only briefly to make coffee, wash the dishes, and dress. All that is mundane becomes rhythm to the poetry of breath, sight and sound. I am aware of blood itself traversing my inner labyrinth seeking only to gather and return to the heart all that has been lost to me.

In protection of ourselves we must know what is ready to be brought to the world. We convince ourselves that we are protecting our hidden selves from exposure. In reality it is our hidden selves that always threaten to overwhelm us. Our constructed lives are precariously balanced on the edge between the sun and the moon. The creative self exists in the tension between. If we succumb to her completely we may abandon all that sustains us in this lifetime for all that awaits us. If we can listen to the wisdom of our moon self she will flow through us ink and clay, color and dance bringing us closer and closer to the perfection we seek.

May the blessings of this winter season be yours to discover.