Sharing Creative Work

Singer songwriter Linda Waterfall’s voice reached listeners sometimes quavering, never flawless, always perfectly.  What touched and inspired me the most about her voice, her music, is the example of vulnerability.  Part of what makes her music enduring and endearing is the intimacy with which she shares herself.  Gifted she was, and those gifts she shared.

Stories and fears enter my head, my body, when preparing to share creative work, usually preventing me from sharing at all…my voice is far from perfect, I’m not a musician, stupid things will come out of my mouthIs sharing just vanity or ego?

What if not sharing is just vanity or ego?

My mother always did what she was told when she was young.  She was raised the granddaughter of a beloved minister.  She was asked to sing in church, to sing on the radio.  She never liked performing.  What if she chose not to perform?  When she sings at home even now at the age of 88, I’m entranced.  Her tenor voice conveys a richness of feeling.  When I was a girl, I thought I can never sing like that.  True enough.  My sister sang too, harmony.  They just broke it out, winding around each other.  I never understood how they just new what notes go together.  I always had to carry the melody with my father.  Even then though, when I was little, occasionally, the tears would stream down and I felt like something was coming through me.  My daughter Xavia came out singing too.  Like me, when she was very young, she sang up to the sky reaching toward something.  She carried her unique voice with the gentility and sweetness of an Irish ballad or birdsong.

So often we stop singing, or give up on our creative work, or don’t share because we are taught somewhere along the line that we are simply not the best.  Do we need to be the best?

So, all of this to say I hope you enjoy these little songs.  Instead of asking for forgiveness for my imperfections, I hope they will inspire you to be imperfect, to have the courage to share your imperfections.  Together, I hope we can come to know that it is with these imperfections that we often truly reach each other.  Together, I hope we can celebrate our uniqueness and also celebrate what comes through us that seems at times completely beyond who we are.


Bitter Sweet

Same Old Story


Wisdom Mothers Loving Chant

River to the Sea Chant